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Unit 2B, 6 Boundary Rd, Northmead NSW 2152
Vaughan 0409 987 564
Georgio 0412 372 105

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Our Story

MotoRRetro is a partnership between Vaughan Ryan and Georgio Rimi

We met as apprentices at Ultimo TAFE in 1989, and were constantly vying for pole position in class. While at TAFE Georgio won a coveted spot in the NSW TAFE smash repair team at Bathurst in 1991, and Vaughan won first in state at the NSW apprenticeship awards in 1989 and 1990. Despite our competitiveness, we became good friends.

Before starting MotoRRetro we both owned our own restoration businesses, and have over 20 years industry experience, including a stint in the USA where we worked for The Pit Stop in San Francisco, restoring Ferraris and Alfa Romeos.

We both taught trade classes at TAFE – Georgio at Ultimo and Vaughan at North Sydney – and have over 16 years teaching experience between us.

We started MotoRRetro together in 2015.

You can read more about our story and workshop on throttleroll

Restoration & Customising

At MotoRRetro we:

  • Redesign, build and restore cars and motorbikes
  • Provide classes in metal shaping, welding & related skills
  • Manufacture & sell specialist machines & tooling
  • We offer a full design and build service for cars and motorbikes - original restoration through to complete customisation to your specifications. The magic happens in our well-equipped Seven Hills workshop which includes equipment rarely seen these days, like the Eckold Piccolo and we’re passionate about providing our customers with exceptional quality and dedicated, professional service.

    Previous projects:

    If you have a project that you have been thinking of starting, get in touch to see how we can help

    Motorretro – Helping you turn your dreams into reality.

    Classes & Workshop, 24 Hour Block.

    Gift Vouchers available now.

    We run small classes where you can learn:

  • Hand forming and metal shaping skills
  • How to use metal shaping / fabricating equipment such as the English Wheel, plenishing hammer and the pullmax.
  • How to weld (aluminium, Oxy, 4 hour TIG $232, 3 hour MIG $132).
  • Project management skills – how to get your dream build finished and on the road!
  • We cater to complete beginners through to students with advanced skills. We can set you projects to help you develop your skills or you can bring your own project to work on.

    All students can use our workshop equipment during class time and selected consumables, tools and equipment are available for purchase.

    Our classes are small (maximum 15 students) where you’re guaranteed personal attention from us. We have a maximum of 10 students to every teacher.

    Classes are all hands-on with no classroom style theory.

    Options for experienced users of machinery to purchase 24 hour blocks for workshop use. These users must contact MotoRRetro prior to purchase.

    Buy your class hours in 24 hour blocks for $720 (including GST). This is valid for a three month period.

    Workshop space is available for rent for projects once hours have been purchased. Contact MotoRRetro for further information.

    Class schedule:

    Mid-week classes run on Tuesdays 5:30pm - 9:30pm
    Weekend classes run on Saturdays 8:30am - 4:30pm

    More classes will be added on demand. We offer flexible attendance – use your workshop hours as it suits you.

    New Classes & Workshop Available,
    8 Hour Block

    Gift Vouchers available now.

    8 hour classes block booking now available. MotoRRetro are now offering a 8 hours class booking option for Car and Bike Body Restoration/Customisation Classes. This will offer students a more bite sized approach to block booking classes.

    Within these 8 hours you will:

    • Develop your skills: If you have a project, you will have the opportunity to have your part made
    • Be able to use the workshop, all available tools and receive personal class tuition and guidance.

    Class schedule

    • Mid-week classes run on Tuesday 5.30pm-9.30pm
    • Weekend classes run on Saturdays 8.30am-4.30pm
    • Attendance and duration is completely flexible – use your hours as it suits you.

    • Buy your class hours in 8 hour blocks for $310 (including GST).
    • Max 10 students per class - personal attention guaranteed.

    Start date
    • Continuously enrolling

    Read more about our workshop and classes on throttleroll

    Payment options

  • Direct debit
    MotoRRetro Australia Pty Ltd
    BSB 882-000
    Account 100-091-014
  • EFTPOS at class
  • Contact us now to book
    Vaughan 0409 987 564
    Georgio 0412 372 105

    Specialist Machines & Tools Now Available

    At MotoRRetro you can now purchase Specialist Machines & Tools for hand forming/ metal shaping.
    Details for tools available below

    • MRHB-14 - Cast Iron English Wheel - Bench Model 1.2mm Mild Steel 700mm Throat Depth

    • Blocking Hammer (Cast Iron)

    • ABR-10M - Auto Panel Restoration Kit - Master

    • ABR-7P - Auto Panel Restoration Kit - Professional

    • Shaping Dollies

    • Dolley Base

    Payment options

  • Direct debit
    MotoRRetro Australia Pty Ltd
    BSB 882-000
    Account 000-056-012

    If you have any queries regarding our tools contact us on

  • Abrasive Blasting Cabinet

    Abrasive blasting is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface, or remove surface contaminants.

    Students both previous and enrolled student are able to use the blasting cabinet (no public use). Usage is per minute, $1.50. The longer you use it the cheaper it gets. All materials and tools supplied.

    Gallery of Dreams

    See how we brought these projects to life in the links below

    Watch this space for more of our projects.
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